What is The Campaign Registry?

The Campaign Registry(TCR) is a third-party organization that helps regulate text messaging to comply with texting legislations to ensure a safe and smooth experience for users. It was created by Mobile Network Operators in North America and a company called Kaleyra. Mobile Network Operators, called MNOs, are carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile which help deliver text messages. To manage the telecommunication industries, especially for SMS services, TCR was created following legislation passed which was designed to regulate robocalls, spam texts, and to make opt-outs for messaging an industry standard. 

TCR helps collect brand and campaign data to increase transparency in the 10 digit-long-code(10DLC) network. 10DLC is a reliable messaging channel for SMS campaigns and is endorsed by mobile operators. Also, 10DLC supports voice calls on the same number used for Commercial SMS.

TCR is a single source enabling the MNOs to have as a record of who sent any particular 10DLC message and what they claim to be sending, which can help MNOs create a safer texting environment.

the campaign registry and textrWho Will Be Affected and When to Register TCR?

If you are in the United States and are using 10DLC numbers to send messages to AT&T & T-Mobile numbers, it is recommended that you register with The Campaign Registry before you send SMS or MMS messages to customers or individuals. Registration is a way to show The Campaign Registry that you are a legitimate business sending messages and not spam. If you do not register, operators (MNOs) can fine you or block your number. Registration with The Campaign Registry is not mandatory at this moment but it has various benefits. If you are going to use an application platform, A2P(Application-To-Person), to send messages to your customers in bulk, such as SMS campaigns, registering for TCR allows for higher throughputs by mobile carriers and ensures a high delivery rate for your messages.

What’s Textr Team’s Role?

Textr Team is not a carrier or MNO, we are what is called a Communication Service Provider, which is also known as a CSP. As The Campaign Registry evolves, the MNOs constantly introduce new rules to comply with telecommunications regulations that are highly regulated and difficult to deal with. Therefore, Textr Team’s role is to help you comply with and better understand the requirements from The Campaign Registry, preventing your business texts from not being delivered.

Textr Team will keep you informed of any updates or changes to registration, fees, or new regulations, and assist you to adapt to new regulations. In addition, we will try our best to ensure your numbers and messages won’t be blocked and that you are not fined.

All brand and campaign registrations for TCR can be submitted and managed within your Textr Team account. We submit your registration to TCR for you and let you know when you’ve been approved by TCR.

We do not charge any fee for registration; the fees incurred are all charged by TCR/MNOs. Textr Team will deduct the fee from your account and transfer them to TCR/MNOs with no additional charges. You can register and manage all brand and campaign information related to TCR in your Textr Team account, without having to contact TCR yourself.

Why Do You Need to Register for TCR?

Registering with the campaign registry is important for several reasons. With a verified business and numbers, you can send messages to your customers more effectively, increase your customer base and avoid incurring fines for not complying with texting regulations.

Improved Deliverability 

By registering your company and phone number, you will greatly increase the likelihood that your customers will receive your messages. Since the passage of legislation regulating mobile communications, MNOs have increased their filtering for potential violations, such as spam or fraud. As a result, if the messages you send have come back with carrier violation errors, you may not know that your customer did not receive your message. You can think of registering with The Campaign Registry as pre-screening or pre-verifying your business and the content of your text messages. Your deliverability will be improved because what messages you send and to whom are already on record thus lowering the possibility of your messages being flagged or blocked by carriers.

Increase Trust and Security

Registering with Campaign Registry will also increase trust and security in the delivery of your messages. Since the goal is to deliver legitimate campaigns and eliminate spam and fraud, customers will only receive messages that have been screened and approved. This will let them know that you aren’t fraud, spam, or robo texting, thus helping you build trust with your customers and increasing their confidence in your company or brand.

High Throughput and Faster Messaging 

If there is a valid use case, a higher throughput is also given to verified businesses. Throughput is determined by different types of campaign and who is sending the message(brand) and what is being sent(use case). A higher throughput will help you reach a larger customer base in a short period of time. Moreover, the speed at which messages are sent will also increase. Before registration, you can only send one SMS segment (160 character message) per second. This means it may take a while to send long messages or announcements to many customers. After registration, the speed may increase to 30 segments per second allowing you to reach more people within a shorter amount of time.

Avoid Penalties

Registering The Campaign Registry will help you avoid unnecessary penalties and fines to a large extent. Registered numbers are not monitored as closely as unregistered numbers. MNOs need to verify that your phone number and the messages it sends are legitimate, and because of your registration, they already know what you’re texting and why. If you don’t register with TCR, your numbers may be banned or you may be fined when you violate regulations.