Only team owners can access this feature. Please ask your team owner for access permission.

Clearing your Account Data

If at any point you should feel the need to cancel your subscription with Textr Team, you can request for your team’s account data to be deleted. The data will not be automatically deleted without first contacting the Textr Team support team.

How to Permanently Delete your Textr Team Account Data

1. If you have not already done so, unsubscribe to all your phone numbers. Navigate to the Phone Number tab in Textr Team’s menu. From the Overview tab, click the More Options icon for the option to unsubscribe to the selected phone number. The number will disappear from the Overview tab after you click Unsubscribe.

2. Send an email to our Support Team with the subject line "Request to permanently delete {Company name} account”. You must be the owner of the account or have the owner's permission to delete the account.

3. Once our support team has confirmed you are the owner of the account, we will permanently delete your Textr Team account data. Subsequently, an email will be sent to you to confirm that the account data has been deleted.