If you register your brand and campaigns with the Campaign Registry (TCR) through Textr Team, your company and your customers will both benefit. However, registering for TCR is not free, and all fees are determined and charged by TCR, not by Textr Team. The fee you pay is a pass-through fee. It will be passed through by Textr Team, and we will not charge any additional fees.

From January 2023, carriers have implemented a one-time $15 (USD) Campaign Vetting Fee on a new Campaign registration. I.e., a private company owner will pay $45 when registering a mixed campaign, involving a Campaign Vetting Fee of $15, nonrefundable, and subscription fees of three months, $10 x 3, also nonrefundable. 
From March 1st, 2023, T-Mobile will enact a $250.00 (USD) non-use charge to ensure the campaigns provided in their A2P platform are active and in use. As a result, all active campaign users have to bind their Textr Team phone numbers within 60 days. Otherwise, the campaign will be deactivated by TCR to avoid the charge.

You will first sign up for Textr Team, add credits into your account, then all the fees will be deducted from your Textr Team account. Fees associated with registering for the Campaign Registry are listed below.

Brand Registration 

One-Time Setup FeesBrand Registration$4One-time, non-refundable application fee. It will also be charged if you resubmit the application or modify the information.

Campaign Registration

Campaign fees are billed monthly, the renewal date will be the date of your successful registration.

If the payment fails, the registration won’t be processed and your subscription will be canceled. This may result in interruptions when you send bulk messages with Textr Team.

If you need to cancel your campaign, you must do so after three months of your successful registration. Once you deactivate your campaigns or brand, you will lose access to your campaigns or brand immediately as your information will be deleted from TCR and MNOs directly. This action is unrecoverable and irreversible, so please be careful and conscientious when you want to deactivate your account.

Campaign Vetting Fee
One-time External Vetting Fee per Campaign
$15.00 / per campaign
Standard Use CasesLow Volume Mixed Campaign (sending less than 15,000 messages per month)

$1.50 / month

Regular Campaigns (sending more than 15,000 messages per month)$10.00 / month
Special Use CasesSole Proprietor

$2.00 / month

Charity $3.00 / month
Emergency$5.00 / month 


K-12 Education 



$10.00 / month

What is a Vetting Fee?

To further obtain better conditions for your brand and special use cases, you may decide to apply for an audit through one of TCR’s external partners. You will be charged a one-time, non-refundable fee of $40 for a successful vet. The fee will be reduced to $5 if it’s an unsuccessful or not scored vet.

If you have any questions or concerns about the pricing, you may contact us by email support@textrapp.com.