Why Get a Textr Team Number?

We provide phone numbers with local area codes and toll-free numbers. You can build a strong connection with your local customers and your customers can easily reach you by call or text when the need arises. 

All of Textr Team’s numbers have texting capabilities and you can assign as many team members to your number as needed. Learn more about inviting team members here.                             

How Can I get a Phone Number for My Business?

1. To add a phone number, first login to the Textr Team mobile or web app. Navigate to the menu where you will see the phone number icon represented by a #.  

2. Click on the blue button with the text Add Number. Next you will be prompted to select the country, state/province and area code for your number.                                                                                   

3. After entering your specifications, you will be presented with a list of available numbers to choose from. To the right of each number, the number type and its features will be listed.


4. From here you will be brought to the check out where you can select the pricing plan and as well as the number of users you wish to have on this number. 

5. When you’re finished selecting, click the blue icon with the text ‘Buy” to finish ordering your number.

Note: You must have an existing credit balance to be able to purchase a phone number as shown above. We are in the process of updating the checkout process, stay tuned.