TCR (The Campaign Registry) is a SaaS platform for business information activities in the United States, mainly to ensure the legal compliance of SMS group sending activities. Therefore, according to the legislation, as long as you want to carry out bulk SMS activities in the United States, you must register your brand with TCR, register the applicable use cases of mass texting activities, provide mass texting samples, bind phone numbers, etc.

However, at present, if you want to register TCR in your own name, you must have an address in the United States or Canada, causing many overseas users to face difficulties when registering. Therefore, this article will teach you how to personally register TCR, that is - you can consider "registering an American company and registering TCR in its company name". 

Here's more information about registering a US company: Benefits of registering a US company Benefit one. Obtain EIN federal tax number, standard articles of association and compliance reports, etc. Registering a U.S. company can not only enhance the international brand and enhance the status and image of the company, but more importantly, it can obtain legal proof, so as to avoid taxes reasonably, free capital in and out, and facilitate international trade and overseas listing.