1. Why can’t I send an SMS message?

There are several reasons for this. Please check if you have violated our terms of use, or carrier requirements. The system may suspend the number or account that violates the rules for security reasons.

2. How do I start sending SMS again?

It depends on your number or account. If you think you are not violating our terms of uses, regulations or carrier requirements, please send an email to support and ask for a customer service review.

3. Will this affect MMS function?

The simple answer is NO.

4. How to convert SMS to MMS?

The simplest way is by typing the words in your Note app and then making a screenshot.

5. Can I add some words to the existing pictures?

Yes. It is achievable by putting text in a picture when you are editing it in the Gallery.

6. How do I add emoji to pictures?

When you are editing the picture in Gallery, insert the emoji as a tag over the original one. Some social media apps also support this practice, so you may edit the picture on a social media app you are comfortable with and take a screenshot without posting the picture.